Computrol News

We have moved!

The main office for Computrol, Inc. has moved. In addition, Computrol now has a separate location for the Service department. The Service department will handle spares, repairs and customer service.

Computrol, Inc.
14143 Denver West Parkway, Suite 100
Golden, CO 80401

Computrol Service, LLC
4 W. Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100
Littleton, CO 80120

New!Compound Applicator

Computrol' s Seamless Compound Applicator showed good compound weight control during 11 months of live testing on an 8 station rotary machine and does not require a controller inside the liner upper turret! Please contact Computrol for further information.

Noncircular End Lining Method

Computrol has developed a new method for applying compound to noncircular ends. Possible production rates will vary based on end configurations (dependent upon size and shape).

Safety Upgrades for Stolle Conversion Presses

Computrol has implemented a design to upgrade the control systems of Stolle System 7 and System 8 conversion presses to meet new OSHA standards. Using a Siemens safety integrated PLC, SEG high speed front end and upgraded safety circuits with redundancy, the design increases worker safety with minimal effect on production.